Discipling Our Daughters

Disciplining Our Daughters

The New Tool That’s Gonna Help Us

Disciple Our Daughters

Let’s be real . . . raising daughters is tough. I’m just beginning to navigate mean girl drama, period talks, deodorant, self-esteem, and all the other tween girl delights.

More than anything, I want to use these years to create a bond with my daughter that says:

  • I will always pray for you.
  • I will always love you, even when you make mistakes.
  • I will always be available to listen, even if I don’t agree with you.
  • When the world is unkind, I will be your soft place to land.
  • You can trust that what I say is true.

Faithgirlz Backpack BibleFortunately, I’m not alone in my pursuit for connection with Clarey—Jesus is pursuing her too. I see it in the way she loves on her siblings, the way she defends her friends, and the words she speaks about the world around her. Is she perfect? Of course not. Does she make mistakes? Of course she does. But is she growing in her faith? Absolutely!

And now, thanks to Zonderkidz, I have tools to help me ensure her faith continues to grow. Zonderkidz has recently released a new Bible called the Faithgirlz Follow Your Heart Backpack Bible. At 6.8 x 4.4 inches it’s the perfect size for a girl to toss in her purse or backpack and take to school and church.

My favorite features are the standalone pages where you’ll find:

  • Advice and activities about friendship
  • Bible verses about inner beauty, forgiveness, growing up, and more
  • Guidance on how to have a relationship with Jesus
  • Crafty instructions on creating a “Talking-to-God” journal

Moms, this Bible is uniquely designed to appeal to your daughter’s sense of style and creativity.

And at less than $17, it appeals to my sense of value.

Faithgirlz Brave BeautyAuthor Lynn Cowell teamed up with Zonderkidz to provide another tool to draw young girls’ hearts toward Christ. Cowell wrote, Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You. This devotional book for tween girls contains one hundred short devotionals broken up into three truths every young girl needs to embrace:

I Am Loved

I AM Brave

I Am Confident

Through personal stories and Bible verses, the author applies Biblical truths to the reader’s own life. Each chapter ends with a section called “Becoming Brave” where the reader is challenged to answer a thought-provoking question. Finally, they close with a “Courageous Call” prayer.

This format is simple and the time needed to work through each devotional is feasible (because, let’s face it, our girls have choir and soccer and dance and youth group and two hours of homework. No one has time for a 60-minute devotional.)

The lesson topics—acne, report cards, social media, honesty—are relevant to our young girls’ lives. Brave Beauty allows you to work through the book with your daughter, or let her work through it independently and discuss the lessons together. Or, you can simply let this devotional serve as a personal journey all her own. However you and your daughter chose to navigate it, you can trust that your daughter is being exposed to sound truth and Biblical wisdom with Zonderkidz.


If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your daughter, granddaughter, niece, or friend, these make the perfect presents that will feed their soul long after Christmas morning comes and goes.

And because you are a faithful reader, I am GIVING AWAY ONE COPY OF EACH!!! That’s right! I’m giving away ONE BIBLE and ONE DEVOTIONAL! Here is how you enter the giveaway:

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