Gift Idea for the Hard to Buy for Person


With only 10 more days until Christmas you might be wondering what to get your wife, sister, friend, or daughter. We all have plenty of scarves, so much jewelry it’s all tangled up, and enough makeup to open our own Sephora. Yet, we can never have enough knowledge and wisdom. Just ask King Solomon.

That’s why books always make the perfect gift!

If you or someone you know comes from a dysfunctional family, but wants encouragement and equipping to create a healthy, Godly marriage and family, then Mending Broken Branches: When God Reclaims Your Dysfunctional Family Tree is the book you’ve been waiting for!

In this book you’ll find:Mending Broken Branches Cover

  • my life’s testimony of overcoming my past and God graciously giving me a stable, loving marriage and family
  • assurance that you are not alone in this journey
  • space to journal throughout the book
  • guidance to help you draw healthy boundaries
  • practical tools to help you work through your own past
  • tips to help you embrace your present
  • encouragement to create a life-giving future
  • reflective questions to guide you along the way

Today, instead of wishing my past looked different, I embrace it. I want to use it for God’s glory. I want the world to know God’s protective hand is over us, drawing us into deeper relationship with Him even when it seems as if our lives are spinning out of control.

I am broken. You are broken. Even Jesus’s family was broken. We strive for perfection. We try to pretend we are perfect. We might even convince ourselves we are perfect. But we are all—at our core—a mess. We all need a Savior to come alongside us and pour out His love on us. We all need Jesus to save us from our sins, to heal our broken family trees, and to save us from the fallen world in which we live.
Mending Broken Branches, pg 20

The journey to embracing our past doesn’t come without a lot of introspection and tough emotional and spiritual work. That’s why I walk with you every step of the way through Mending Broken Branches. It is my prayer that by the end of the book you are have experienced restoration and hold hope in your hands as you walk boldly into a promising future.

If you want to overcome your past and create a new family legacy, Mending Broken Branches is the place to start. Release date is January 9, but you can pre-order today at:

Let’s mend our broken branches together.

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