I Know the Secret to a Wife’s Happiness . . . Do You?

Over the years, many authors have claimed to know the secret to a wife’s happiness: good communication, healthy conflict resolution skills, and a rich emotional and spiritual connection. But author Jen Weaver contends that today’s Millennial generation needs more than a quick three-step checklist; they want to explore marriage on a deeper level. Which is why Weaver—a Millennial herself—approaches marriage, and a wife’s role, with a completely fresh perspective.

I met Weaver this summer at the Declare Conference and immediately admired her spunk and enthusiasm for writing and women’s ministry. This same approachable demeanor leaps off the pages of A Wife’s Secret to Happiness: Receiving, Honoring, and Celebrating God’s Role for You in Your Marriage. In her book, Weaver reveals eleven secrets that help wives find happiness in marriage. Some of those include:

  • striving for unity
  • allowing our husbands to provide
  • pursuing our dreams


Not only that, but Weaver challenges readers to discover their “wifestyle.”

What exactly is a “wifestyle”? Weaver explains that for every area of marriage, wives develop a pattern of behavior, or “wifestyle.”

“If we don’t live with intention, our wifestyle can become . . . unbecoming . . . as we develop unhealthy perspectives, attitudes, and habits in interactions with our husbands. Obedience to God’s instruction aligns us with his will, allowing us to receive the blessings he desires to impart in our lives.”

In other words, if we don’t live with forethought and according to God’s Word, then we probably won’t like the wife we turn out to be; we will look more like the world and less like Jesus. But if our daily decisions line up with what God teaches in the Bible, then we will become the wife God desires (not to mention the wife our husband desires and the wife we want to become).

For example:

  • When striving for unity, do you have a “duel wifestyle” or “dance wifestyle?”
  • When giving your husband space to provide for the family, do you have a “demand wifestyle” or “supply wifestyle?”
  • When pursuing your dreams, do you have an “MVP wifestyle” or “Dream Team wifestyle?”

To help readers discover their wifestyle and the secret to happiness, Weaver includes many unique and practical elements throughout the book:

  • Wifestyle testimonies
  • Quizzes to help readers identify their individual wifestyle
  • Links to downloadable printable versions of the wifestyle quizzes
  • Links to downloadable articles relating to each chapter
  • Links to downloadable worksheets
  • Links to downloadable printables
  • Reflection questions

If you want to discover ways to cultivate greater happiness in your marriage, A Wife’s Secret to Happiness offers helpful wisdom, tools, and activities. Learning your individual “wifestyle” is one component to discovering the secret to happiness, but you must also uncover areas of growth and gratitude leading you to joy, contentment, and peace. Only then will you discover a wife’s secret to happiness.


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