Think You Need a Picture-Perfect Family

Picture-Perfect Family

. . . Think Again

Female HandPerfection. We all try to achieve it: Perfect body. Perfect skin. Perfect home. Perfect family. Some things we can change and improve, but the one thing we can never rewrite is our family history. Our quirky Aunt Eunice will never be polished. Our strange cousin Leonard will never quite fit in. The skeletons in our closet will spill out every time we open the door. The good news is, God never intended for us to have a perfect family or a prestigious genealogy. Jesus didn’t come from impeccability, and he doesn’t expect a flawless family tree from us either.


We all have a broken branch somewhere along the way. Some of us try to cover it up. Some try to ignore it. Others try to pretend it doesn’t exist.


How do you handle your broken branches?


Male HandAs you might have already learned, none of those responses leads you to a place of healing and peace. If we want to become the healthiest version of ourselves, then we need to embrace our broken branches . . . every last twig. We need to face the pain to find the joy.


It’s a new year, which means new resolutions, new beginnings, new starts. Now is the time to work through your past, embrace your present, and work toward a healthier future for yourself and your family.


As one woman wrote, “Finished chapter two. I love to be reminded that I’m not perfect. Only [Jesus Christ] was [perfect]. Pointing out all the dysfunctional families—including my Savior—yep, I’m not as strange as I thought. Thanks, Elizabeth, for the reminder: ‘With God all things are possible.’” – Franny Morten

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